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MesajSubiect: lumiere...   Dum Apr 29, 2007 10:16 am

Name: Lumiere
Roles: Good
Height: 128 cm
Age: 10
Favorites: Grape Juice
Guard Robot:La Muse
Powers: Puppet
Hair color: Lavender
Hair color: Lavender

Lumiere (From the French for light), aged 10, is a C-Class ES Member of the GOTT. Her partner is Eclair and her special ability is "Puppet", which allows her to control any machine within range that is not physically shielded. She can also mentally hack into any computer system she has access to.

Her partner is Eclair. Both Lumiere and Eclair are officially assigned to the quest reception department, which takes care of all the reception duties for the GOTT main office. When they don't have a special assignment as members of the ES, they work, dressed as receptionists, at the information counter inside the main front entrance of the main building.

She respects her direct supervisor, Chief Eclipse from the bottom of her heart. When the bureau chief gives the command "E" shift for a special mission, they return to their original forms ES members who fly across the galaxy.

Cand esti trist,suferi si plangi,..
Linistestete,un inger e langa tine,
Nu esti singur,
Eu sunt langa tine.
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