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Kaleido Star (カレイドスター, Kareidosutā?) is an anime series produced by GONZO DIGIMATION and licensed in the United States by ADV Films. It was a joint venture involving Japanese studio Gonzo Digimation Holding, Korean studio G&G Entertainment, and American studio ADV Films[1]. The series is about a young girl who comes from Japan to the United States in search of her dream. She wants, with all her heart, to be a member of the acrobatic circus that performs at the famous Kaleido Stage (similar to the Cirque du Soleil) located in the fictional city of Cape Mery, California (which is roughly analogous to San Francisco). With the help of her friends, she struggles to make this dream come true. The series was aired on the Anime Network during 2005 in the USA.

Season 1

Sora Naegino, a young Japanese girl, comes to America full of hope to audition to perform at the Kaleido Stage, a world famous circus that she was mesmerized with as a child. However, no sooner does she arrive then she runs into trouble. She gets lost on her way to the Stage, has her legs peered at (without permission) by a mysterious stranger, and her bag is stolen by a fast-moving thief. After chasing down the criminal using her acrobatic talents, a kind police officer gives her a ride to Kaleido Stage where she finds she has missed her audition and is told to go back to Japan by the star performer (and Sora's idol) Layla Hamilton. A performer is injured, however, and Sora is given an opportunity to perform by the owner of the Stage, Kalos (who turns out to be the mysterious man who had eyed her legs earlier). After a faltering first performance, Sora is dismissed from Kaleido Stage and prepares to return to Japan. At the last moment, Kalos decides she can stay and proclaims to Layla that someday, the audience will come just to see Sora's performance.

Sora spends the beginning of the season as an outcast, as the other performers believe that she had relations with the director to gain her position. Layla is particularly cold towards her, and sees her alternately as either an annoyance or a threat. With the help of a friend, Ken, and a lot of hard work and determination, Sora begins to earn the respect of those around her. Her incredible personality wins her a variety of friendships (including that of a baby seal) as well as several increasingly major roles in the productions. Over time, she even manages to form a friendship with Layla. However, things begin to go astray as Layla's father pressures her to leave and insiders plot to take over and shut down Kaleido Stage. Sora must rely on her winning personality, hard work and close friendships to keep the stage afloat.

Season 2

In the second season Sora returns to the stage after attempting the great Mystical Act with Layla. The absence of her co-star, having retired to further a career in Broadway productions, prompts a slight decline of the Kaleido Stage. The owner brings in a new recruit, Leon Oswald (a lofty trapeze artist). Leon does not accept Sora as worthy of being on the stage with him, which leads a new recruit (May Wong) to challenge Sora's position as Leon's partner. Most of the season concentrates on Sora finding and pursuing her new dream. Her first goal is to attend the circus festival in Paris, but the competitive circuit is not kind to her carefree, optimistic outlook. After many trials and rejections Sora aims to become a "True Kaleido Star" while creating a fun, conflict-free stage.

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